"Good quality that's surprisingly affordable"

brill 9 in 1 Dishwasher Tablets 

Due to Covid 19 there have been limitations on supply for our bags and labels our tablets are now packed in clear sealed bags and no longer in foil bags.

This obviously doesn't look as nice but has helped us keep our prices down and provide the same quality dishwasher tablet as before. For bag information Click here

Please note: We do not supply brill Dishwasher Tablets to businesses for resell due to our change in packaging.



brill premium dishwasher tablets are imported from Europe and manufactured to the highest standards. The products are packed and shipped to your door from our offices in Alberton Gauteng.


brill dishwasher tablets are wrapped with a unique dis-solvable plastic for moisture protection and hygiene purposes and will impress with cleaning power degreasing some of the most challenging dishes.

brill Is tough on grease but gentle on your dishes. brill will leave almost no smell in your dishwasher and make your glassware sparkle like never before. 

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