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Funny how one gets a "hankering" for a burger, or a BBQ with all the extra's.

Personally I think its your bodies way of saying "I need some iron right now" , "Brain - Get me some iron", "Jim, you REALLY want some spinach don't ya?"

And that's it, for that week, you cooking spinach, growing spinach, practically brushing your teeth with spinach. You already know this will only last a week or so and then you wont see spinach again for a few months. But there you are cooking and eating spinach like this could be the last time that spinach was found growing. Like it was your job!

I am currently in the "hankerings" of this with beetroot. I cannot! get enough. Not going to lie, I have always liked it, but this is ridiculous! Seriously who eats beetroot salad for desert?

There's a term for when you eat or drink so much of the same thing, that the mere thought of it makes you quiver and shake you head and let out a quivering "NOOOOO thank you!" Its called a scunnering ( )for something. Yup its a thing!

I guess the only way to beat this thing is to give in, perhaps eat a potato? - that has iron right! WRONG! It not what my brain is telling me. "Give me beetroot" its the only thing that will appease!

My conclusion is that there is no way around this. If this happens to you - and you not pregnant, don't worry, I think its normal. Perhaps don't tell your friends.

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